Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Enablement

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This  document will provide CloudFectiv’s high level Solution Vision – Analytics and Business  Intelligence (BI) Enablement as it relates to the development of present day business solutions:

CloudFectiv offers an Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Enablement solution which includes: Near-Real-time Data Integration, Socialization & Consumption, leveraging CloudFectiv data and information management tool-kit) that will enable companies to:  

  • Leverage the full power of a scalable architecture with actionable, scalable data lakes with managed ingestion and metadata management.
  • Improved data visibility, reliability, and quality to reduce time-to-insight.
  • Protection and Safeguard sensitive data conformant with regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Foster a data-driven business through self-service data discovery and preparation.

Our team consists of highly qualified domain experts coupled with advanced technical experts utilizing the latest technological breakthroughs. We bring to the CUSTOMER the highest business value and a solid return on investment in an adaptive and collaborative ecosystem.