In the midst of the analytics buzz and flashy data visualization, it’s easy to overlook the critical engine powering Business Intelligence (BI) which are: Data Quality Assurance and Source Systems Integration Efficiencies.

We call this area ‘Analytics and BI Enablement,’ which encompasses two major components: Data Quality Assessment and Assurance and Source Systems Integration Efficiencies.

  • The Bird Source Systems Integration Efficiences: This technology behind this contruct allow your company to connect, combine, and publish data from various formats and sources within and beyond the enterprise. Northbound consumers—BI, Analytics, Visualization, Archiving, Reporting, etc.—can leverage virtual data sets through a robust Data Virtualization/Abstraction layer. By doing so, they gain a unified view of all underlying data sources. Systems and applications consuming this data interact solely with the abstraction layer, which seamlessly accesses the entire enterprise data landscape. Our Cloud-based data abstraction layer, part of CloudFectiv’s Converged Data Architecture, empowers enterprise data architects to create accessible environments for data consumers, ensuring near real-time access in familiar formats via any data socialization tool or device.
  • The Bird Data Quality Assessment & Assurance: Traditionally, data profiling tools have been used to determine data lineage and sample patterns. However, this manual process involves significant professional services effort, combing through countless data objects to identify non-conformant patterns and anomalies. Our Cloud-based, continuous, and automated data quality assessment solution defines monitoring and transformation rules. It enables data-driven organizations to comprehensively monitor data at the value level, flagging source system data when quality attributes violate predefined thresholds. This disruptive approach eliminates the time-consuming and costly manual assessment process, providing close-to-real-time anomaly detection and security threat identification.

Unlock the power of CLOUDFECTIV CONVERGED DATA ARCHITECTURE®  - your catalyst for Enterprise Digital Transformation. This dynamic data management framework transcends industry boundaries, empowering every business vertical. It seamlessly orchestrates essential data processes, including Acquisition, Storage, Abstraction, Discovery & Analytics, and Consumption.

Why should you embrace this architecture? Because it’s more than technology— it is a strategic choice steeped in:

  • The Bird Security & Privacy: Safeguard your data fortress with robust security measures.
  • The Bird Operational Excellence: Streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
  • The Bird Data Quality: Elevate data integrity and reliability.
  • The Bird Metadata Mastery: Understand and harness your data’s context.
  • The Bird Data Lineage: Trace data origins and transformations.
  • The Bird Governance: Ensure compliance and accountability.
  • The Bird Retention and Archival: Preserve valuable insights.
  • The Bird Disposition: Manage data lifecycle seamlessly.
  • The Bird Disaster Recovery: Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • The Bird Audit Balance & Control: Maintain transparency and trust.

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