BRANDSZONE - The Integrated Multi-Tenant eCommerce Platform.

Brandszone is an integrated multi-tenant Commerce platform that enables countries and companies within them to create their own branded online Marketplaces (devoid of development and maintenance cost) that they can use to showcase, socialize and sell their products. --  Interested parties are encouraged to contact us or visit our demo site

OTT Broadcasting Platform - Video on Demand | Niche Media | Controlled Information sharing.

Cloud based broadcasting platform that mixes online video streaming, mobile applications, closed IP digital networks, social media, set top boxes and foreign broadcast (satellite) opportunities into a single platform.

Utilizing a multi-genre broadcast model / platform which is referred to as  "Over the Top" (OTT) broadcasting,  we are able to provide global content to include religious, technology, politics, business, entertainment, educational, health and lifestyle.  

Our platform is capable of bringing together any genre into a single portal, and combine online video streaming, mobile applications, social media, closed IP digital networks and foreign broadcast models that can be targeted towards  a select demographic or a general audience.

Our platform can be customized to fit any genre and/or broadcasting model to include;  live streaming , catch-up services  and video on demand. We are able to cost effectively deploy global (OTT)  broadcasting networks and channels very quickly.

Our services include; Analytics, Business Model Definition, Market Definition, Content Provisioning, Content Management, Content Licensing and Acquisition, Creation of Partitions and Channels/stations to  meet specific market requirements, Monetization and Marketing of Content. - Interested parties are encouraged to contact us  or visit Transborder Network

Text-to-Voice Broadcasting and Alerting Service for SMBs and others.

SELF SERVICE ALERTING SOLUTION:  We offer an automated messaging solution for organizations to reach members, clients and business prospects with personalized messages. Ideal for organizations that want to constantly keep in touch with individuals who are important to them. Our Text to Voice broadcasting solution delivers a typed text that you type at at our technology partner website  | to a live person | an answering machine or both. NO NEED TO PRE-RECORD ANY MESSAGE, Simply log in to your MyCallAlerter™ administrative page to type your message and push the START button. - Interested parties are encouraged to contact us.  

Solution for Local Retailers - Pandemic and Other Restriction Solution for Brick-and-Mortar.

Laajim is multi-tenant ecommerce platform which give local business owners the capability to continue the operation of their business in an environment which restricts their customers from physically entering their facility.  The solution provides local business owners with the following capabilities; 

  • A robust facility that provides business owners with a distinctly branded customer web-presence / mobile application.Customizable ecommerce (web & mobile) solution for business owners.
  • Sell and promote unlimited number of products.
  • Provide  products and services  to customers within a select location based on delivery capability.
  • Integrated mobile applications to include: Customer Facing, Delivery, Store/Shop Management.
  • Integrated Payment Processing, Accounting, Inventory Management.
  • Integrated product delivery platform – targeted to a specific location.
  • Manage sale and delivery of products within their targeted location.

The Laajim solution boast the following;  Store Owner Dashboard: Inventory Management, Payment Management,  Order Management, Customer Management, Delivery Management | Robust Customer Facing Mobile Application / Web-Presence:  Your customers within your local service area are able to order your products and have these ordered products delivered to their locale using your delivery resources. Store owners can add a delivery up-charge or provide this service free of charge. Your customers have the ability to take advantage of your coupons / vouchers and track their orders and make payments using Laajim's integrated order management and delivery solution. Delivery Agent Dashboard: Delivery ManagementPayment Management, Order Management 

Interested parties are encouraged to contact us  or visit:

Completely Private (Branded) Collaboration | Communication Platform for SMB's and others.

Secure Instant Messaging | File Sharing | Voice & Video Conferencing solution. Completely private collaboration communication platform which you control. This solution enable employees | customers | and others to collaborate virtually anytime | anywhere | on any device.

  • Your communications, data  and associated information is within an environment that you control completely. Group Chats | Direct Instant Messaging | Channels | Voice & Video Conferencing | Screen sharing | File Sharing | Call recording are just a few of the available features | functions.

With Batabahok you can create your branded communication | collaboration environment  which will enable your company | organization to securely communicate and collaborate globally.  Organizations | Companies with specialized | one of a kind requirements are encouraged to contact us  or  visit our demo site 

TALKINGTOTA - Interactive Brand Enablement Platform for SMB’s and Others

TALKINGTOTA is the interactive brand enablement platform that enables SMB’s and Others to create and manage their own social network empires using a platform which they control. - They will be able to build and manage connections with customers, prospects, employees, vendors and others who will be helpful in promoting their brand and or their ideas. 

TALKINGTOTA provides SMB's and Others with the capability to create their own niche network that is specific to their brand, business model and ideas. The fact that the digital marketplace is constantly evolving, companies who choose to leverage a BRANDED Instance of the TALKINGTOTA  interactive brand enablement platform without restrictions will be able to:

  •    -  Get their message across when, how and to whom.
  •    -  Maintain and control their respectability
  •    -  Set their own structure and rules.
  •    -  Own their community.
  •    -  Own their data.

To learn more about how we can help you control and manage your network of customers | followers | your online community please contact us. or  visit our demo site