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Data Certification - (Solution Overview)
Published : June 11, 2021
Antonio Amorin |  President and Data System Programmer at Complete Data Quality

Data certification is the process to formally declare data as “fit for use” or “fit for purpose”. Our solution provides the data community with the ability to certify data comprehensively. The entire process is audited and tracked to provide all of the evidence required to satisfy auditors, regulators, and the like. The following diagram provides an overview of our data certification solution:

In the diagram above, the source data is fed to the Clean Cloud’s data classification engine, which automatically identifies and resolves data quality problems. Valid values are isolated and stored in the VALIDS group of data, whereas remediated values are isolated and stored in the CORRECTIONS group of data. The data community next reviews and certifies the VALIDS and CORRECTIONS. The certified values are then loaded into the CERTIFIED REPOSITORY by data class. Once loaded, the values are used to automatically certify data with the same data class in the same or new data sources.

As the diagram above depicts, the CERTIFIED REPOSITORY is now leveraged to automatically certify data from any data source. The certified values are associated to a data class, not a specific attribute or field name. This provides flexibility to the solution and ensures that the data community only needs to certify a value once for a specific data class, accelerating the entire process of certifying data across the organization.

Data Certification is a complimentary solution to existing data quality and governance solutions. For instance, many organizations have deep investments in master data management solutions. Our solution supports the ability to accept data from master data management solutions. The MDM values may be run through the normal certification, as depicted in the diagram below:

If the MDM values are trusted, the data community may certify all the data in mass and load into the CERTIFIED REPOSITORY as depicted in the diagram below.

This allows the data community to leverage existing MDM data sources. The same may be done with reference data management data sources, lookup tables, and other trusted data sources. The following diagram depicts trusted reference data being certified and loaded into the Certified Repository.

Results from existing data quality solutions are easily integrated into the Data Certification solution to allow the organization to take full advantage of these investments and accelerate the entire certification process. To learn more about Data Certification and our solutions, Engage the hyperlink: CDQ | CloudFectiv Data Certification - Data Quality Analysis | Assessment | Monitoring