Data Modeling: Driven by the Business Value

By : SaaS Application Administrator

Data Modeling - Driven by the Business Value
Published : October 12, 2022
Antonio Amorin |  President and Data System Programmer at Complete Data Quality

Data is the lifeblood for the modern enterprise and a large percentage of enterprise data is unstructured, which is not viable for processing by most enterprise software. This is problematic because an unstructured value may contain valuable business data that is embedded in the middle of a sentence in text format and therefore inaccessible for business use. 

The ability to extract relevant business data content from unstructured text values provides the organization with full access to all data assets. Whether governing sensitive data or extracting business knowledge from the data, the business value is the ability to perform the analysis across all data assets, not just structured data.

Complete Data Quality’s data modeling solution unlocks this business value by providing a process for modeling structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data seamlessly. The results of this process are then certified by the data community to ensure 100% accuracy. The solution guarantees that the voice of the business and the entire data community is heard by giving them final approval to certify the newly structured values, ensuring that the business value is recognized by the organization.

The modeling solution provides additional business value through integrated project management that operates in real time. This project management capability allows the business to have complete insight into the modeling project as the work is being completed. The ability to monitor the project in real time allows the business to control timelines and costs, preventing project creep and project overrun.

The project management capabilities empower the business to govern the modeling work and the workforce performing the work. This allows the business to create an extremely accurate performance-based work environment where workers are compensated based on their actual performance and the quality of their deliverables. The business is able to evolve the work environment with a truly enterprise-level data management solution.

The modeling solution unlocks unstructured data sources and delivers certified structured values for business use. The entire modeling and certification process is governed through integrated project management that provides complete control over the work and workforce in real time. The business benefits from being able to perform comprehensive data modeling projects across structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, with integrated project management that reduces risk by monitoring and managing the project tasks in real time.

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